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The map to the right shows the locations of events (the Kick-off Conference and the four Training Workshops) organised and held by the NADRE project during its lifetime. For more information about each of them, click on the various markers.

Latest uploads on the NADRE repository

  • Second NADRE Training Workshop: The Ethiopian Education and Research Network

    Helina Hemeru,

    This video contains the video-recording of the presentation given at the Second NADRE Training Workshop held in Aksum (Ethiopia) on October 15-16, 2018. To know more on the event, visit

    AVRNADRE [DOI: 10.20372/nadre:1542210064.79]

  • Open Science and/for Open Education

    Roberto Barbera,

    Sci-GaIA ( was an EU funded project that ran from May 2015 to April 2017. Initially set out to create sustainable training to support scientific endeavour through Science Gateways and e-Infrastructures in Africa, to better motivate an...

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    PRESENTATIONSNADRE [DOI: 10.20372/nadre:1542184706.96]

  • Ethiopian Data Literacy and Community Development - Post Workshop Learning Environment

    Mesfin Diro Chaka, Margareth Gfrerer(PhD),

    Ethiopian Universities records are free of century old academic traditions and therefore able to adjust to trends without giving up academic behaviour or tradition. The volume of university libraries will linger on as the measure of the academic perf...

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    PRESENTATIONSET-CARPENTRIES [DOI: 10.20372/nadre:1542017038.52]

  • Categorical Data Analysis

    Getasew Berhanu,

    Introduction to categorical data analysis for statistics.

    PRESENTATIONSDU [DOI: 10.20372/nadre:1541507616.98]




    SOFTWAREDU [DOI: 10.20372/nadre:1541068506.51]

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