The implementation of the NADRE Project includes the following activities.

A1 – Prepare and contribute to the implementation of the Conference, including the Pre- and Post-Conference Workshops

  • The Terms of Reference for this series of venues describe the content and the output/outcome (DONE, check this link).
  • In the Pre-Conference workshop all participants have to become familiarized with DOls and the ORCID IDs (DONE, check this link).
  • AII researchers participating at the Conference should receive their ORCID IDs by the end of the Conference (DONE).
  • The Post-Conference workshop participants will get trained on how to use and maintain repositories (DONE, check this link).

A2 – Elaborate a Training Plan

  • The reports from the Conference workshops will structure the next steps in the training to implement and to use the university repositories and NADRE. Detailed training plans follow for cluster universities with session on remote and at place (DONE: (i) the time plan of the NADRE Training Workshops has been defined and the agendas can be inspected here, (ii) the time schedule of the NADRE Webinars has also been defined and it can be inspected here).

A3 – Conduct a Workshop series

  • At 4-5 cluster universities workshops will take place. The agenda for the workshops will be structured in accordance to the needs of librarians and their ICT staff as discovered during the Conference Workshops and has been analysed in the Conference workshops (DONE, the agendas of the NADRE Training Workshops can be inspected here).

A4 – Establish a NADRE Website and Manual

  • A NADRE Website and Manual  will compile the information necessary to use and maintain NADRE in an efficient and sustainable way for the users (researchers and students) and the NADRE experts (librarians and the ICT-staff). (DONE, both the Website and the Manual have been released and their links are provided above).